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Tokens are the next-gen way of creating capital for a hot idea, and the way many a start-up is funded nowadays. Funders smelling success know that investing in tokens in the early days will make them very happy (not-so-very -long) later. The YOUtoken not only funds but functions as well – YOUtokens are integral to running the RevenYOU app. Every day, millions are needed to run the in-app algorithms meaning there is always demand; which in turn means YOUtokens will increase in value. What’s more, exchanges will love RevenYOU because the app generates millions of transactions and huge transaction volumes which is exactly what exchanges live off. Our YOUtoken treasury offers full compliance and complete transparency. We also conform to the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) code of conduct, so no quantitative easing of YOUtokens. When tokens are used as utility tokens for RevenYOU we offer incentive pay outs related to the transaction volume of the YOUtokens.

RevenYOU is the app that’s come along to funk up the world of financial trading. Lifting the ropes on the area once reserved for the investment VIPs, so the whole world can feel the rush of success in the booming investment arena.

How? We found the algorithm. Our app connects you to the most powerful bots beating to the algorithms that are outperforming the old experts. Adapting real time to stay one step ahead, there’s a bot for every kind of investment tempo – from smooth groove to rock and high roller. Whether you’re dreaming of a little extra to set aside or the full blown ready-set-retire, thanks to RevenYOU serious fun trading is just an app-tap away.


RevenYOU is here to democratize and capitalize the system. How? With an ecosystem created by ALL people, for ALL people.

RevenYOU will:

– Share the latest technology; enabling easy and limited access to trading technology and A.I.

– Attract the intelligence, energy and efforts of the world’s developers, traders, gamers and quants by giving them the huge financial awards.

– Open up to everyone. Sharing revenue in a fair and sustainable way.

– Create a very big pie together, with a fair slice for every YOU.

– Deliver easy, convenient access to the best trading strategies for billions.

– Rock this for everyYOU (this last point is put lightly, but is hugely important to us).

Coin type: ERC-223
Platform: Ethereum
Country of operation: Switzerland
Whitelist link : Click here
Prototype: Yes
Screenshot: Project Info:

Total coins: 6,425,000,000
Price in ICO: 1 YOUtoken = 0,00002 ETH
ICO bonus structure:


VIP Bonus = Investments of 1700 ETH or more

Pre-sale Bonus = 25% Bonus

Tokensale 15% = 15% Bonus

Tokensale 10% = 10% Bonus

Tokensale 5% = 5% Bonus


Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: €10.000.000 (made)
Hard cap: €35.000.000* / ETH 70.000 (*when the price for 1 ETH = €500)
Screenshot: Sales Info :

Screenshot 2: Sales Info :

ICO start date: August 8, 2018
ICO end date: November 30, 2018
Time till start ICO/STO:
ICO start date passed
Time till end ICO/STO :
ICO ended
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Stefan Bijen

Stefan’s How:
I’m a White Hat hacker, falcon sharp – hunting for leaks in systems, eyes always scanning for platform perfection. Fixing that glitch, those steps too many is my game. And, I don’t stop playing until I’ve tweaked the code to resolve – ironing out every single kink. I earnt my top-of-the-leader-board platform building stripes from years working on game engine programming – leading builds at highly sucessful start-ups in both Europe and Asia.

Stefan’s Why:
Stefan’s Why: I believe a better world is a more stable world – a more equal world. That means enabling 2.8 billion people access to the same trading technology now only available to the 1%. Those ringing in double digit returns on their investments, while others barely reach 1-2%.

Colin Groos

Colin’s How:
A salesman by nature, I’ve developed several successful platforms and innovative websites; winning entrepreneur of the year in 2018 with our business Bootzeil. I believe the key to success is blending development, marketing, economics and new technologies (Blockchain, Algorithms, and Cryptocurrencies) to bring sales to a whole new level, to create the very best form of revenue.

Colin’s Why:
RevenYOU is our way to level the playing field. Resisting the rise and rise of monopolies, by blazing the trail for a more open world in which anyone with a smart phone and a pocket full of change can get in on those high returns.

Michiel Stokman

Michiel’s How:
I continue where others stop. Seeing possible where others see problem. I’m able to generate multiple successful ideas at a time and get most excited when an idea disrupts established methodology to create big impact. This all began when I became the first internet headhunter in the Netherlands. I look convention in the face until I find a way to jam around it to make that new idea the new normal. So too with RevenYOU.

Michiel’s Why:
We are rewriting the way money flows: RevenYOU finds good investments, big or small, earlier – creating a new and transparent era of financial market efficiency.

Screenshot: Team :

Screenshot 2: Team :


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