The Eco Friendly Moving Guide

Staying in a place you love is key to feeling satisfied and fulfilled with your life. You want to be surrounded by people and pieces that make you feel at ease, in total comfort, where you can let loose and be yourself. And if your current living situation isn’t doing that for you, you’re going to need to make a change!

Maybe you need a holiday – maybe you should pack up your tent and head out to a field or campsite to get back in touch with nature? Maybe you need to spend some more time at a friend’s house, to remind you of how much you appreciate your own home? Maybe you need a total fresh start, and need to find somewhere new to call your own?

We’re all about new beginnings and living your life to the full here, and because of that, let’s talk about how easy it is to move house and home in a totally green and eco friendly kind of way! Here’s a couple of tips for your perusal.

Prepare Yourself

Going eco friendly is a lot easier than a lot of people think, but it’s still going to take some pre planning effort from you. You’re going to need to know exactly what you’re in for, the materials you need to buy and stick to only using, the effects you’ll possibly have on the environment, as well as keeping an eye on the moving process as well! That’s a lot of work – here’s to making it easier!

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure you can absolutely afford to undertake this move, and that you won’t be needing to move back to your old house within a couple of months of living in your new one. After all, we can easily mismanage the budget, and if you need to up sticks all over again, there’s going to be a lot of environmental output from your household. Maybe you should take a look at the secured loans from Evolution Money?

Then you’re going to have to find all the right boxes and storage containers, one’s made from recyclable elements, preferably not plastic (or at least already recycled plastic), but still cheap enough for you to buy in bulk and safely transport your items in. You want them to be reusable, which potentially strikes cardboard out as well, and you want them to be hardy enough to stand up against the damages of transit. What could you buy here that ticks all these boxes? Well, you can try out a site like this, or maybe one like this, up to you.

Then think about how far you’re travelling? Will it be friendly to the world around you to make multiple trips there and back? Maybe your finances are stretched a bit thin and you’re going to have to, it’s no worry if so. But if not, try to look for a bigger transport solution, and maybe even hire out a courier to get you and your furniture there and back again in one go.  

Be Sure to Start Recycling

Do you really want to take all that clutter along with you? Or would you rather donate your discarded things to a better cause, or sort them all neatly into recyclable piles? After all, you don’t want to accidentally increase your carbon footprint here, especially considering all the new things you’re going to buy to properly furnish your new home!

So get some boxes and put all your unwanted items into them according to your own recycling standards. Have a donate box, have a rubbish box, and have a repurpose box – all three are ways to recycle your old items! Maybe you could use that antique suitcase from the attic as a makeshift coffee table? Maybe you could use that old cracked cereal bowl as a plant pot with a bit of personality?

But don’t let yourself go overboard here either: some items are simply not safe to donate or try and repurpose. Maybe those charred wires down the back of the old console you wanted to turn into some kind of light fixture need to immediately be thrown out… This is your house and your moving plans, so be sure to use this perfect time for a good clear out that’ll help wipe your footprint clean.

Know What Your Packing Materials are Made of

Packing material is something a lot of people forget about during their time moving house; it’s the stuff you shove into the boxes to add another layer of protection to whatever inside. And often enough, old newspaper won’t do! You need something thick and absorbing to help cushion all those fragile china plates and cups that your Grandmother gave you, which means you’re going to need to invest in some packing material to keep your items safe during transit.

Thankfully, old favourites such as bubble wrap work well here, seeing as quite a few common types of it out there are completely biodegradable. And you can also use cornstarch for any food items you want to get moved into the new home – packaging peanuts can be easily made out of this kind of flour, and you can wrap up both disposable and lifetime foods within it. And it bio degrades very easily, thanks to the natural compounds inside.

Ready to Make Your Move Eco Friendly?

Now’s the perfect chance for you to do so, seeing as there’s a lot of concern over climate change and the world around us in the news recently. Of course, as one person, your impact can seem quite limited, but doing your bit to make the world a better place as you go about your business in it is a very healthy and sustainable way to live!

So be sure to use these tips during your moving plans – they go a long way for settling you in to your new home.

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The Eco Friendly Moving Guide

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